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Our Background & Philosophy

MYT ELITE High performance! sparring team is made up of dedicated and well-conditioned athletes who love to compete against other practitioners of taekwondo. From all around the U.S. and world, taekwondo sparring is one of the main events in the Olympic Games. MYT members are required to attend practice SIX additional times during the week. Generally, they are the most athletic and competitive individuals at MYT. The ELITE practices are often very demanding, mentally and physically. MYT have produced National Youth, cadet, Junior and senior champions as well as numerous Regional and Local tournament champions. With more students joining our SET program, we hope to achieve more impressive results in future tournaments. There are many local and regional tournaments available for individuals interested in competing as well. Prepared through competitive and challenging MYT ELITE training, many MYT students are poised to compete and win at the highest level of taekwondo competitions. As with every other program here at MYT, try-outs are recommended before joining our special teams. We want to encourage all of our students to participate in ELITE HIGH-PERFORMANCE practices not only to be better at taekwondo but to become a superior athlete with a winner mind-set. We strongly urge to come and check out our successful champion producing MYT ELITE HIGHPERFORMANCE program.

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