• White Belt to High White Belt Yellow Stripe
• High White Belt Yellow Stripe to Yellow Belt

• Yellow Belt to High Yellow Belt Black Stripe
• High Yellow Belt Black Stripe to Green Belt
• Green Belt to High Green Belt Black Stripe
• High Green Belt Black Stripe to Blue Belt

• Blue Belt to High Blue Belt Black Stripe
• High Blue Belt Black Stripe to Red Belt
• Red Belt to High Red Belt Black Stripe
• High Red Belt Black Stripe to Probationary Black Belt
• Probationary Black Belt to 1st Dan Black Belt (Kukkiwon Certification)



Our curriculum will provide you with the basic, intermediate and advanced skills necessary to master every rank from White belt to Black belt. Every student that joins MYTA will learn "Poomse" (forms) that will develop their coordination, power, and balance. This in turn will prepare the student for more advanced 
concepts and techniques.


Students will learn all of the basic, intermediate and advanced concepts of wrist locks, joint locks, trapping techniques, falls, rolls, shoulder and hip throws. The concepts taught will prevent you from being in a vulnerable situation. Students will learn how to incorporate life-saving kicks and strides into self-defense as well as how to defend against the use of many types of weapons. Of the utmost importance, you will learn how and when to discern the use of such techniques.



MYTA Can provide you with the most elite training necessary to spar at the International and World levels.
Learn step-drills, paddle drills and hogu-drills, while learning the strategies necessary to out-play your opponent. In our conditioning classes, you will learn the importance of plyometrics, resistance (rip-cord) and core stabilization training. You will also learn distance running as well as short track work and stair & step drills. Our medicine ball workouts will develop upper body strength and coordination that will improve your punching power in the ring. Everything from proper diet, fluid, and rest, to gaining and cutting weight the correct way, will be some of the concepts learned at MYTA classes. There will be many opportunities of one-on-one sparring with players within your same weight class, as well as round robin sparring with players of different weights and sizes as the student progresses in rank.