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Mission Statement and More

Master Yosvany Taekwondo Academy strives to improve the positive mental attitude of each student. 
Emphasizing the "Yes I Can!" mental attitude, we teach our students the importance of family values, where the 
whole family can grow together, this includes the physical aspects of Taekwondo. We would like YOU to be part 
of our mission.

Students at Master Yosvany Taekwondo Academy learn traditional WTF Taekwondo, in a positive and supportive 
environment. Our goal is to teach not only the physical aspects of martial arts but, also to instill a positive 
mental attitude to help all of our students reach their full potential and goals.

We strive to help our students achieve "knowledge in the mind, honesty in the heart and strength in the body".

All Classes are family-friendly and value participation by students of all ages.

Children's classes are fun. Helping younger students develop focus and attention skills and the value of


All Taekwondo classes are a great way to exercise and are just the thing to relieve the stress of a workday.

We offer special classes as well, including sessions focused on Olympic-style sparring and WTF Poomses.

For adults, MYTA offers a Total Body Workout class.

This unique approach, together with our top quality faculty, makes Master Yosvany Taekwondo Academy one of the best schools in Denver. Explore our engaging and diverse course schedule, and get in touch with our team to schedule a free trial class.

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